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Rock Balancing

Reiki and Yoga

Relaxation and stress relief should be a top priority in your life. Allowing yourself to disconnect regularly will help bring balance back into those stressful moments. 

Reiki and Yoga are excellent ways to relieve stress, promote balance, and offer pain relief. 

I offer Usui and HeartPath Reiki and private Yoga sessions. 

 For your comfort, these services are offered in-person and remotely.

Energy Healing


Reiki is a healing energy modality that is non-invasive and brings balance and relaxation to the body. Reiki can be administered in person or remotely.


General sessions focus on the whole body, releasing energy blocks and allowing relaxation and balance back to the body.  Recipients of Reiki benefit from better sleep, clearer focus, and relief from anxiety and depression.

If you are burnt out, feeling stressed, and need a release, Reiki could be the light that helps ease you forward in a gentle process. 

Reiki is also a great compliment to mental health services such as therapy, counseling, EDMR, and ADHD management. Reiki should not be used in place of these services. Trish is not a therapist and cannot treat or diagnose mental health concerns.

**Reiki cannot cause negative effects and does not transfer energy from the practitioner to the client or vice versa. Reiki energy is a light source that only brings positive energy to the client. 

I offer Reiki for humans and animals. Please click on "Book Your Session" to view all available options. 

Yoga Pose


Yoga is for every body. Having a daily practice can be so rewarding to both mental focus and physical health. 

Working together we will create a yoga practice for your needs. Working with gentle modalities such as chair and restorative yoga, we will ensure the poses and movements are compatible with your body's needs. We will discuss any injuries or health issues that may impact your practice and stay away from poses that may cause further injury or pain. 

Adding in breathing exercises and meditation takes your practice to the next level of relaxation and stress relief.

Each session is one hour long and will require a questionnaire to be completed prior to the first session. Please schedule a consultation call if you are interested in private sessions. 

At the current time I do not offer group classes, but please join my mailing list to be updated if I should offer a group class or workshop. 

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