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Aligning Yourself With Your Marketing

Marketing Alignment

I want to be honest with you. In 2019 I started to hate my career in marketing. I was so caught up in the hustle, burn out and overwhelm of it all. I was trying to be everything to everyone, throwing mud at the wall and seeing what stuck. It even started to feel unethical to me. Nothing felt aligned. With the help of the pandemic I stepped away from marketing to look at other avenues. I always wanted to start my own business, so this was a clean slate to get me there. I left marketing behind. Man was that a mistake - You can't have a business without marketing. I started reflecting on what wasn't working and started to shift some things around. After a few months of reflection, I realized what was missing.. it was me being my authentic self in my own business and how I marketed it. My whole life had been about hiding who I really am because of conditioning from society and past experiences that made me feel shame for being different or unique. It made me realize this is actually my super power! Once I embraced it and started showing up in my business as myself, magic started happening. Today, not only do I coach women in their personal journeys back to themselves, I also guide entrepreneurs back into alignment with their own spiritual awareness so they can stop hustling and start feeling at peace with marketing their businesses again. Here are a few tips I coach my clients on to help marketing feel more comfortable:

Defining Your Message

If you don't know what your message is then your potential clients/customers won't know either. It is important to really understand what it is you do and how your offer it. Finding your most authentic self and how you use it in your business is the best way to define your message. Once you have a clear picture of what you offer, you are golden. It doesn't matter if it isn't the popular answer. You aren't out there to appeal to everyone. Your most authentic offering is what will attract your clients. Trust me. That is where the magic happens.

Why the Universe will not sell your product and how to shift the energy to align with your success

A big misconception when it comes to success is that if you put it out into the Universe it will happen for you. I wish that was all you needed to do. You need to let go of this idea that somehow all good things will just magically appear in front of you if you ask for it. To be successful you have to change the way you think and add in action. Everything is about intention, mindset, and what you are putting into your success.

You are not a vending machine and the universe is not a magic genie. You can’t expect it to hand you what you want if you aren't putting out clear intentions of what you desire. The universe has your back, but only when you are communicating clearly with it. This is a big part of why you need to be clear on your message and how to reach those who will work best with you. Keeping a positive mindset, asking for help, and genuinely wanting to do better in this world are all going to help the universe align you with success.

The importance of knowing what keeps you motivated when it comes to your business and marketing

We all have things that motivate us, but it's important to know what yours are. If you don't know what motivates you, then how can you stay focused on your goals? How will you be able to stay motivated when things get tough? How will you keep yourself positive if there is someone or something trying to bring you down?

Knowing what keeps me motivated helps me stay focused on my business goals and be productive when I need to be. It also helps me keep a positive outlook on life so that I won't get bogged down by negativity from others. Check in with yourself daily to see what is and isn't motivating you. If something doesn't feel authentic to you, work on ways to change it. If someone is getting in your way, look at the relationship and see why it is causing issues. Most of the answers are right in front of us if we were open to seeing them.

How to use spiritual energy to make a positive difference in your business and life

Spiritual energy is the life force that exists within each of us. It's what gives us the power to be who we are and to do all the things we want to do in life.

It's also available for use in your business, and when you learn how to tap into it effectively, it will help you attract clients, create a strong brand identity, increase sales and build your business from the inside out. I can help you with this in all areas of your life so lets get started!

Schedule a call today to discuss how I can get your life aligned with what you always dreamed could be real. Xo,


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