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When is the last time you felt alive?

Did you wake up one morning thinking, "Is this it? This is all there is to life?". You think ahead to your day and it brings up panic or anxiety that you never realized was there.  You close your eyes and start scanning your memories of the last time you really enjoyed your life.  You can't seem to find a recent moment where you didn't feel like you were in auto-pilot mode just going through the motions. 

Now it becomes clear that you need to make a change and you have no idea where to start. 

I can help. 

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How do you want to be remembered?

Have you noticed your relationships aren't exactly where you would like them to be? Do you feel defensive when someone doesn't agree with you or often feel like you need validation for your feelings? Are you starting to feel like people don't like or respect you because of these feelings? Now that you have this realization, do you know how to move forward? If the answer is no...

I can help. 

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Are you an entrepreneur who needs guidance?

Owning a business can be challenging and rewarding all at the same time. Trying to stay up to date with everything you have to do plus come up with new ideas can be exhausting. If you are a new entrepreneur or someone who just needs some guidance, coaching could be an easy way to sort out your thoughts and start moving forward in your goals. If you are ready to lay a new foundation..

I can help. 

Coaching can be both healing and rewarding. With various techniques and we can work on a program that works for you. Techniques include Meditation, Reiki, Yoga Principles, Inquiry and Contemplation, Tracking Events, Animal Encounters, and Mirror Work. 

To experience the benefits of coaching a minimum of 6 sessions are required. We recommend 12 to get the full immersion in your success.  Each session is 1 hour long with a 15-minute follow-up call 3 days after the session. With a paid commitment you also receive unlimited email or Voxxer responses to answer any questions you may encounter on your journey. 


I offer coaching sessions remotely or in-person if you live in the Ithaca, NY area!
If you have an interest in working together, please book a free 15-minute intention call. 

If you have questions, please email me

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