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About  Trish

Have you been living your life with the theme of “until”?

I’ll wait until things settle down with my family/situation/career before I make time for myself.

I’ll wait until my kids are older, and then I’ll start showing up for myself.

I’ll wait until everyone else’s needs are taken care of, before taking care of my own.

If you have been stuck in a joyless space of serving everyone around you aside from yourself, it’s time to take back your power.

You matter. It’s time for you to explode into your brilliance and authenticity.


Trish Mullin has a passion and talent for connecting clients to the highest version of themselves, and bringing them to a new understanding of their inner magic.


Life is full of mysterious synchronicities and coincidences, and when we discover these, it always feels magical. But have you ever tuned into the messages that these experiences are bringing forth? Have you ever opened yourself up to the guidance that you are being gifted through these messages, and used them to discover the answers that rise up through the deep inner wellspring of knowledge that belongs to you, and you alone?


If you haven’t been paying attention to the information that comes through to guide and inspire you in your life, you are missing out. Your energy and soul are always working to keep you on the path to growth, healing, and happiness. Sometimes, we simply need a guide to interpret the messages to bring us to a new state of awareness and enlightenment.


In her sessions, Trish plays the role of a divine interpreter, connecting you to the wisdom and insights that you’ve missed along your path. She begins with a meditation, or “still space.” In this stillness, you will be attuned to hearing your inner voice.


You are then given a safe container to release all that you’ve been holding on to, while she holds space for you. As you speak, Trish takes note of tracking events that appear in your story. Tracking events are synchronicities, signs, and messages that point you in the direction of truth and profound wisdom. She can clearly see the connections that you cannot, and she has a gift to both see and decipher these events.


Throughout this process, you will receive a heightened sense of clarity, which will illuminate what you’ve previously missed when it comes to your blocks, your fears, your path and your purpose. Trish isn’t just there to point out the obvious; when you work with her, you become a clear channel for information. Your brain becomes trained to see the world in a new way, and as you move forward, you become a magnet for alignment. You’ll begin to attract more synchronicities and serendipitous events and circumstances into your life, each of them leading you down your path, like a trail of breadcrumbs guiding you to your destination.


It may sound like pure magic, but in truth, this process is all about unveiling your own innate power to elicit massive transformation in your life. Once you witness the power you hold to create your destiny, you can’t unsee it. When you gain an understanding of how to interpret the energies that are speaking to you every single day, you can’t go back to living your life in a state of apathetic mediocrity.


You’ve given of yourself for long enough; it’s now your time to remember who you truly are, and to shine in your magnificence. Within this process, you will discover a reset switch for your mind, body, and soul.

Credentials and Certifications
  • 2005: Bachelors in Business and Marketing

  • 2014: Various certifications/courses in Social Media Marketing

  • 2017: 200 Hour Yoga and Meditation Teacher Certification

  • 2018: Usui Reiki Master Attunement

  • 2020: Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra Certification

  • 2021: HeartPath Spiritual Life Coaching Certification

  • 2021: HeartPath Reiki Attunement

  • 2022: Trauma-Informed Yoga/Coaching - In progress

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