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About  Trish

Trish Mullin has a passion for holistic healing. She started her journey over a decade ago when she was looking for answers on how to bring more joy and balance into her life. Not only did she find answers, but she began a journey to help others. 

In 2017 Trish earned her certification as a yoga teacher, completing 200 hours of coursework and practice. 

In 2018, after the birth of her first child, she kept getting the pull to learn how to do Reiki and help others heal through energy and love. She went through numerous Reiki trainings/attunements until she became a Reiki Master.

Just before the pandemic hit in 2020, Trish had plans to open a space to offer community yoga and healing. Just as she finished up her space, the world closed down and that plan went on a permanent hiatus.

At the end of 2020 she pursued a year-long study to become a spiritual and holistic life coach. 

Today, with all of the studies under her belt, Trish is combining modalities - Reiki, Life Coaching, and Yoga to bring custom healing programs to each client she works with. She is also working alongside mental health professionals to help complement treatments such as therapy, EDMR, and ADHD management. 

Credentials and Certifications
  • 2005: Bachelors in Business and Marketing

  • 2014: Various certifications/courses in Social Media Marketing

  • 2017: 200 Hour Yoga and Meditation Teacher Certification

  • 2018: Usui Reiki Master Attunement

  • 2020: Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra Certification

  • 2021: HeartPath Spiritual Life Coaching Certification

  • 2021: HeartPath Reiki Attunement

  • 2022: Trauma-Informed Yoga/Coaching - In progress

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